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Dust Shield - 1" Pleated Air Filter
Our patented self-supporting media eliminates the metal from the filter, making it more durable and safer to handle. Our new design is one of the most robust filters in the market today.
Air Demon - 4" & 5" Pleated Air Filter
Air Demon replacement filters provide a combination of trapping and removing the smallest and potentially harmful particles in the air, while allowing the maximum amount of air to flow through the filter.
StrataDensity - 1" Fiberglass Air Filters
Designed for general air filtration applications with light to medium dust loading conditions, StrataDensity 1" disposable panel filters are engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease of use. Available in a wide range of sizes, StrataDensity 1" filters are used in all types of HVAC systems to protect the coils from dirt.
Cut-N-Fit Air Filter
Cut-N-Fit natural fiber pads are made up of a rigid sheet of latex-coated media with a net backing. The 20x30x1 is ideal for cutting out special size filters for residential central heating and air conditioning systems. Trim with household scissors. No frame required. Holds four times more dust than standard fiberglass filters.
Aprilaire/Space-Gard 2200/2400 Replacement Filter
These American Air Filter replacement filters will fit the Aprilaire Models.
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